Every Kid Matters, Every Moment Counts

Help us fund 1 year of school for 72 kids in East Bali

East Bali Poverty Project works with the local community to ensure the most at-risk children have access to high-quality education. You can help by purchasing 1 child’s school fees for a whole year with a donation of just $396.  

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The Heart and Future of the Community

Recently East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) lost a large donor because they passed away, which has left 72 children at the EBPP Jatituhu & Pengalusan schools without funding. We have created this crowdfunding page so that we can raise the $30k it will take to keep these kids in school.

Become a sponsor. Get Involved.

We have two ways that you can help us achieve our goal!

First and easiest is to donate. We have four different donation tiers which you can read more about below. We also accept custom amounts because every cent counts.

Or you can help us spread the word…

If you have a solid network of people who are just itching to donate to a good cause please take a look at the special social media toolkit and custom campaign we’ve created for you to help us get the word out. Warning…things may get a little hot 😉

Who we are

The East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) is a non-profit organisation helping the thousands of people living in abject poverty without water, sanitation, roads, schools, health facilities and electricity in East Bali. EBPP believes in education as the foundation for sustainable development and through our 6 hamlet schools, we provide impoverished children with education and life skills.

Their Story

EBPP schools are the key providers of children’s education for Pengalusan and Jatituhu communities from primary through to senior high school in these remote and impoverished hamlets. The communities are resilient, recovering from recent volcano activity and earthquakes. EBPP also provide the teachers, local people with the motivation to learn and lead their community forward through their own children. The curriculum is tailored to their needs. As well as reading and writing skills, children learn about nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, good health practice, organic farming, environmental education, social sciences, arts and crafts.

Our schools advocate against school dropouts, child labour and early marriage, with our youth empowerment programs inspiring the youth to become agents of change and lead their villages to sustainable social development. Should we reach our goal, these 72 students will become role models in their communities.

Small effort. Big Impact.

We have four donation tiers. Each allows us to help one of these 72 children get closer to starting and finishing this school year. Please be generous and know that your donation not only changes the life of one child but uplifts a whole community too!

6 month’s worth of learning materials for one child

Books, pencils, pens, photocopy, teaching-learning & vocational materials


1 year’s worth of learning materials for one child

Books, pencils, pens, photocopy, teaching-learning & vocational materials


6 month’s of full school fee coverage including learning materials

School fees, books, pencils, pens, photocopy, teaching-learning & vocational materials

$ 196

12 months for all costs of one child

School fees, books, pencils, pens, photocopy, teaching-learning & vocational materials


The Sambal Challenge

We know that you don’t get something for nothing, so in return, if we manage to make our $30k goal in three days starting from Monday 16 March our volunteer team along with some of their favourite friends will take part in the Sambal Challenge. Expect things to get a little spicy.

Keep track of how things are going by following us on Instagram or tell us you’re interested in our Sambal Challenge event on Facebook.


Keen to Get in on the Action?

If you’d like to participate in the challenge and help us reach more people through your own network we’ve created an awesome and easy to use social media toolkit and campaign that you can use to help us raise the funds we need to get these 72 kids through school this year. 


… or send us a message